A story of a myth that overpowers with passion the audience of every age, a man-symbol that makes spirituality its own revolutionary flag, a unique character in the history of musical theater:  the well-known work by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice doesn’t suffer the signs of the times. In each performance, it re-affirms its own myth influencing, with on-going enthusiasm, a hundreds of thousands viewers, more than 300thousands between 2014 and 2016, that decide to go to see it, both in Europe and Italy.

If after almost 25 years of success, (more than 1.600 representations, 190 artists alternatively involved in the cast, more than 2 millions  viewers, 4 different editions, 12-consecutive years on the Italian theaters billboards from 1994 to 2006) from generation to generation, this exhibition continues to touch the audience of every age, the credit belongs to a mix of winning factors: first of all the great artistic and productive work of Massimo Romeo Piparo and his team, which have striven to convey, on stage, the driving force of a universal story, made up of positive values and strong feelings, in which music has the leading role. Furthermore, in an original language performance entirely live interpreted, it comes out the undeniable artistic greatness of the cast, starting with Ted Neeley, the unforgettable main character of the memorable 1973’s movie by Norman Jewison, who shaped in a legendary and remarkable way the Jesus’ role.

Not to mention the spectacular and oversized set that honors Italy on many international stages, proving that our country has reached competitive level when it comes to musical artistic quality and professionalism. This is confirmed by sold-out performances and stage’s standing ovation that have characterized the show for ages. So does the esteemed MusicalWorld Award, one of the most important international recognition in musicals, that, has rewarded the Massimo Romeo Piparo’s PeepArrow produced “Jesus Christ Superstar” as the best international production in Holland in 2016.

A new Italian tour is expected in 2022 with a cast being defined.